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My design background started with my Graphic Design degree at Bemidji State University. After graduating, I spent several years working in advertising in Minneapolis. I began to experiment with the Internet, although at the time, it was very new to everyone. I switched gears in my career after about 5 years in graphic design and focused my energy in networking and information systems. Having a knowledge of both programming and design was exactly what I needed to succeed in web design. I've always found it enjoyable to work together with clients to bring their ideas to life. My interactions with clients have varied greatly. I've worked with those who have very little knowledge of technology to others who have designed sites themselves.

My interest in photography began at a very early age. I remember taking photos of the birds in the bird feeder, or the rabbits in their cage on our farm when I was a child. I am sure my mother spent far more on film than she would have wanted. Among my many subjects, I mostly enjoy capturing those beautiful moments in nature that sometimes only last a moment. It wasn't until recently that I decided to share some of my favorites. Even if you aren't interested in purchasing photography, I hope you enjoy the many slide shows in my gallery.